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Watch Kanye West Fuel His New Album’s Rumor Mill in Paris

He'll be back in a few months with ... something

Everyone wants a new Kanye West album so badly that obviously fake rumors have become a little cottage industry of their own. First there was Black American Psycho, which featured a mysterious website that played itself off as a viral marketing scheme with an aesthetic that called back to West’s circa-2009 flirtations with American Psycho. Then there was Rich Black American, where someone labeled a bunch of random mp3s to look like a new West album, complete with “features” from G.O.O.D. Music underlings and “guest appearances” from people like Frank Ocean, Beyoncé, and, of course, Skrillex.

Well, last night during a show in Paris, West added fuel to the fire himself, telling the crowd that, “I’m working on my new shit. I’ll be back in about a couple months,” which you can witness for yourself via the most amateur crowd-shot video below. Of course, like most every rapper, Kanye has suffered his own share of fits and starts during his creative process, and those around him have been prone to hype albums way in advance of their arrivals. (Last year’s Cruel Summer was pushed back enough times that it ended up dropping in the cool fall.) Despite affirmations from Big Sean, a follow-up called Cruel Winter doesn’t actually exist. Before Cruel Summer even dropped, Def Jam exec and frequent Kanye collaborator No I.D. said in July that Kanye would be releasing a new album sometime in the summer.

At some point, almost certainly this year, we’ll have a new Kanye West album. But until then, it will always be a few months and a new leaked screenshot away.