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Justin Timberlake Returning to ‘SNL’ to Show You Chumps How It’s Done

justin timberlake snl saturday night live host double duty

Already in the second half of its 38th season, Saturday Night Live has subjected audiences to the unendurable comedic missteps of Adam Levine, the barefooted tub-thumping of antebellum-wavers the Lumineers, Brittany Howard’s cosmos-swallowing mouthhole, and a full 90 minutes of Robo-Bieber wound up and skittering onstage to the orgiastic shrieks of teenage maniacs nationwide.

But it gets better.

Consummate SNL hosting professional Justin Timberlake will return to Studio 8H to host and serve as musical guest on March 9. Following Christoph Waltz’s welcome reprieve from suck in last week’s episode, JT will step in to host for the fifth time; his last was in 2011, when Lady Gaga performed.

His lately underwhelming musical comeback notwithstanding, this will not be a bad thing. Best case scenario, JT will finally peel off the tuxedo he’s been so enamored with himself in since his wedding and climb into a plush hamburger suit and takes us on down to Burgerville. Or maybe he’ll glue back on the face merkin and get the ol’ band back together with Andy Samberg’s Lonely Island.

It’s going to be great, the kid’s hilarious — just ask Frank Ocean. He knows what’s up: