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Watch Justin Timberlake’s Superior ‘SexyBack’ in Post-Grammys Concert Footage

'Suit & Tie' gets Jay-Z for a loose, lively rendition

Justin Timberlake’s impressive ability to be absolutely everywhere last night on Grammy night carried him through to a post-awards concert at Hollywood’s Palladium. SPIN wasn’t so keen on JT’s awards-show performance, which we said “brings sexy back to the 1940s” while noting that “Suit & Tie,” from the singer’s March 19 The 20/20 Experience, “is available for weddings and bar mitzvahs.” The new song Timberlake revealed after the Grammys, the would-be Frank Ocean-ic epic “Mirrors,” likewise left us wondering if his near-seven years without an album might have something to do with musical bad luck — seriously, what’s the penalty, superstition-wise, for smashing a whole disco ball? Anyway, for those who thought all Timberlake’s Grammy performance needed last night was a worse view and chintzier sound, here, via Rap Radar, are audience clips of Timberlake performing “Suit & Tie” and 2006’s still-great “Sexy Back” (joined onstage by Timbaland) at the Palladium gig. The overall looseness, at least — and the ability to drop unbleeped F-bombs without being Jack White — make for a definite improvement.