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Justin Bieber Wasn’t the Worst Musical Host of ‘SNL’ This Year

Justin Bieber hosts Saturday Night Live SNL

Checking off the next box in Justin Timberlake’s Guide to Conquering All Media, Justin Bieber stepped in to doubly host and serve as musical guest on ailing Saturday Night Live this weekend — and hey, let’s just admit we all knew this day was coming and it could’ve gone worse.

Yes, the low, sagging crotch on his leather Zubaz-style pants was unintentionally comical, the high-pitched shrieks coming from the audience were chillingly shrill, and the number of vocal runs unnecessarily shoehorned into the sketches were myriad. But the cast took the piss over how young and dumb he is, and Biebs sort of let them (see below). And as insufferable as his haircut may be, Bieber’s two downtempo musical numbers — “As Long as You Love Me” and “Nothing Like Us” from his chart-topping acoustic Believe album — demonstrated a sort of artistic maturity many critics don’t comfortably afford the 18-year-old singer, especially because his balls still don’t sound like they’ve dropped.

So don’t mind us if we save our Hatorade for the SNL host of two weeks past, Maroon 5’s overexposed frontman Adam Levine, who, need we remind you, managed to take his shirt off by minute five of the monologue. Now there’s a guy who knows how to mess some shit up.