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Johnny Marr in the Studio: See Him Dissect Solo Debut ‘The Messenger’

Johnny Marr / Photo by Jon Shard

Throughout his career, Johnny Marr has been a sort of rock Zelig, popping up on albums and at live shows by Modest Mouse, the Cribs, the Talking Heads, Oasis, Dinosaur Jr., and many, many others. (He also played in a band called the Smiths.) And while Johnny Marr and the Healers released Boomslang in 2003, The Messenger, due out February 26 via Sire, is the singer-guitarist’s first true solo effort. Marr shared his life advice with SPIN a little while back, but in this exclusive video, he talks about finally stepping out on his own. 

Marr will continue his journey into solo-dom on a spring tour, which includes gigs with New Order and at Coachella