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Puck Yeah: Help Japandroids Beat Nickelback in Hockey Anthem Competition

Japandroids Hockey Vancouver Canucks 'The House That Heaven Built'

Japandroids deserve good things. Not only were they SPIN’s Band of the Year, but they also nabbed the No. 3 spot on our 50 Best Albums of 2012 list for the giddily triumphant Celebration Rock and let us crash with them for our June feature “Killing Yourself to Live.” Needless to say, we’re quite thrilled to learn that the Vancouver drum-and-strum duo is in the running to soundtrack the epic arena entrance of their hometown hockey team, the Canucks.

The British Columbian puck-pitchers are calling for fans to vote on the song that they skate out to each night, and Japandroids’ “The House That Heaven Built” has made the finalists’ bracket. Unfortunately, they’re up against some stiff and terrible competition. Worst of all is Nickelback’s “Burn it to the Ground,” followed by Volbeat’s “A Warrior’s Call,” DJ Meg’s “Stockholm,” Static in the Stars’ “We Are,” and Guns N’ Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle.”

It’s all too awful, obvious, or obscure to rise to the occasion. The Canucks’ previous entrance song was U2’s “Where the Streets Have No Name.” Let’s compare lyrics, shall we? U2: “I wanna run / I want to hide.” Japandroids: “If they try to slow you down / Tell ’em all to go to hell.” Clearly these young bucks have what it takes to improve on the past. And remember: A vote for Japandroids is a vote against sex repellant. Go here to help our boys win.

Puck yes: