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Hear Implodes’ Vast and Fuzzy ‘Scattered in the Wind’

Implodes 'Scattered in the Wind' Recurring Dream Download

As the name might suggest, Chicago quartet Implodes keep to themselves. Like their similarly named Kranky labelmates Disappears, these four keep their heads down and the focus on their tools. Anchoring the band are the fuzz-generators better known Matt Jencik and Ken Camden, a pair of guitarists who revel in the untapped air between layers of crunchy texture. Still, what saves them from post-rock noodle or doom metal dirge comes from their partners: drummer Justin Rathell and bassist/vocalist Emily Elhaj, who help turn songs like “Scattered in the Wind” into entire environments in and of themselves. Below you’ll find the first taste of the band’s second album, Recurring Dream, and it’s the sort of sound you can wander in and out of for hours on end — elemental but human, atmospheric but driven, organic but tweaked just enough to raise an eyebrow. The full thing isn’t due until April 1, but “Scattered” offers plenty of space to explore for the time being.

Implodes, Recurring Dream track list:

1. “Wendy 2”
2. “Scattered in the Wind”
3. “Sleepyheads”
4. “Necronomics”
5. “Zombie Regrets”
6. “You Wouldn?t Know It”
7. “Ex Mass”
8. “Dream Mirror”
9. “Melted Candle”
10. “Prisms and the Nature of Light”
11. “Bottom of a Well”