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Jeep’s Twitter Hackers Shout Out Chief Keef, Drop N-Bomb

Hacked Jeep Twitter Cadillac Chief Keef Lil Reese Meek Mill

Only a day after Burger King’s Twitter account was hacked by a person or group who claimed the fast food giant had been sold to McDonald’s, Jeep’s online avatar suffered an identical fate. Early Tuesday, the Chrysler-owned company Tweeted that it’d been bought by Cadillac, a brand belonging to General Motors. The hoaxes had something else in common as well: both shouted out legally-troubled Chicago rapper Chief Keef.

As Geekosystem reported yesterday, the BK takeover included a link to Keef’s “They Know” video. The hackers also sent big ups to iThugs (Internet thugs) everywhere, claimed that restaurant employees had been caught doing drugs on the job, and suggested that Twitter users follow Azealia Banks beat-maker and noted #SEAPUNK Lil Internet. After receiving a second mention by the pirated Jeep account today, Lil Internet cleared the air:

“GUHTI” is “iThug” spelled backwards, and the account in question has since been suspended. Burger King actually picked up several thousand followers as a result of the hack, which perhaps explains why MTV lamely faked a third breach after the Jeep news broke. Working with their brothers from another mother at BET (the shared father being Viacom), they executed a similar swap, though with less “coarse and thuggish vernacular.”

Just … no. In any case, below you’ll find the Keef (plus Lil Reese and Meek Mill) props from the Jeep kerfuffle, including the words, “FUCK A TOOKA GANG BITCH IM #300,” which is a reference the Chief song, “3hunna,” not to mention a dis on the Rock Ross-hating Gangster Disciples whose Tooka branch operates in South Side Chicago. The auto manufacturers quickly got a handle on the situation and are “back in the driver’s seat.” Har har.