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Watch Gunplay Channel Heath Ledger’s Joker in ‘The Hard Way’ Video


Gunplay’s “The Hard Way” showcases one of the undisputed top talents in rap near his absolute apex, riding high off flagrant egotism (“middle finger in your madre, as I pull the Benz up to the guard gate”) while still cutting to the core of what drives his unrelentingly cold-hearted writing (“Get high compulsive, can’t keep my composure / Tattoos on my ulcer, heart blacker than vulture”). Its newly released video is appropriately stark — it shows Gunplay in front of a black screen, his facial expression swerving between mean mugs and a deliriously sinister Heath Ledger-as-the-Joker-esque grin. The man is raw humanity; the video for “The Hard Way” is a straight shot to the dome.