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Fred Armisen Picks His 5 Favorite Dave Grohl Drum Performances

"Every drum part he does is a masterpiece"

“When Dave Grohl was going to be on the show [with Them Crooked Vultures],” recalls Saturday Night Live castmember and Portlandia costar Fred Armisen, “I thought, ‘How can I get this amazing drummer in a sketch?'” The resulting “Crisis of Conformity” performance occupies a special place in Armisen’s musical memory, but the former Trenchmouth drummer, who, it must be said, bears an uncanny resemblance to percussion virtuoso Jens Hannemann, is a longtime Grohl geek. “Every drum part he does is a masterpiece,” raves Armisen. “He’s never just heavy for heavy’s sake or rock for rock’s sake — it’s all so musical, with an incredible sense of dynamics. Every generation has their drumming guy, and Dave is ours.”

In no particular order, here are Armisen’s five favorite drumming performances by our February cover star. “To make it more interesting, I tried to split it up between his different bands,” explains Armisen. “But it’s Dave Grohl — are you kidding me? I could’ve easily picked ten.”