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Watch Brooklyn Post-Punk Band EULA’s Thrillingly Psychotic ‘I Collapse’ Video

EULA's "I Collapse" video

On last year’s Maurice Narcisse, Brooklyn three-piece EULA stood out for their mix of peak-Deerhoof hyper-prog and raw PJ Harvey power. “I Collapse,” a new single backed with “Little Hearts” and out now via Godmode, is all power, but not for lack of precision: It’s a steadily throbbing, tension-and-release garage-rocker with the alluring dangerousness of early Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The song’s menacing hook — “Can you handle nasty weather?” howls singer Alyse Lamb — finds appropriately intense expression in the manic video, as Lamb stabs, bleeds, bathes, and comes very close to breaking down before our eyes. EULA play their single release party Thursday night at Brooklyn’s Death by Audio.