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Lucky Charms and Dr. Martens: Inside Ellie Goulding’s Bus

Sitting on her orange bus behind a sold-out venue in Chicago, Ellie Goulding is the very picture of polite Englishwoman. She’s just finished her tea and is preparing to head to soundcheck when her concern turns to the few hundred fans that are queued up in a line that snakes down the block: “Usually, we sent out pizza for them.” She worried that perhaps pizza, or rather, wet pizza, is not much of a consolation for her soggy fans.

Inside her bus, which is her home as she continues to conquer America with Halcyon, is spartan, with out much in the way of a rock-star vibe; the only booze on the bus is still neatly packed in a box for later use, DVDs are in a tidy pile, Goulding herself is freshfaced and cheerful as she gave SPIN a tour of her rolling home. As she explains, she is much more interested in comfy and cozy once she steps offstage.