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Stare Into El Perro Del Mar’s Loving Eyes in Her ‘I Was a Boy’ Video

From the Swedish singer's understated 'Pale Fire' LP

El Perro Del Mar snuck out a lovely new record last year called Pale Fire, which, like much of the Swedish artist’s catalog, nuzzles up to the Lykke Li oeuvre like a wiser, gentler older sister aiming to offer a little comfort. In December we caught the bewitching videos for the Sade-channelling single “Walk on By” and the disco-kissed followup “Hold Off the Dawn.” But even though the above clip for “I Was a Boy” is the most minimal of the three, it’s by far the most engrossing. The simple setup matches the song’s mien: minimal New Age-tinged production burbles beneath Sarah Assbring’s straightforward words, which use repetition to tell a story of personal growth brought on by strong love. Meanwhile, our hostess sings right into the camera the entire time, beaming sincerity as the lens maintains focus on her eyes. It’s difficult to look away, and tougher still to pick apart the incoming sounds once El Perro has cast her spell.