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Drake Toasts Grammy Win With ‘Started From the Bottom’ Video

Drake Started From the Bottom video

Whatever you call Degrassi, Drake isn’t on the bottom anymore. In fact, his auterish, storytelling-driven, R&B-shading Take Care just won the Grammy for Best Rap Album. In time to celebrate, the Young Money rapper has posted a video for his latest song, origins-justifying “Started From the Bottom,” an itchy, electro-futuristic chin-stroker so at once understated and in-your-face that SPIN hip-hop blogger Brandon Soderberg aptly dubbed it “sincere trolling.” 

The song was originally supposed to come out tonight. Instead it’s the video. Directed by Director X (who also helmed Take Care‘s MTV-honored “HYFR” video) and C. Papi (allegedly Drake himself), the clip splits the difference between “living at my mama’s house” and “half a million for a show.” The private jet is impressive, but the more memorable part involves young Aubrey Drake Graham’s retail co-workers sweet-talking a cleavage-baring customer. Which further belies the notion Drake starts from the bottom, but we digress…