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Depeche Mode Preach Dark Synth-Pop Gospel in Otherworldly ‘Heaven’ Video

Depeche Mode's "Heaven" video

So downcast synth ballad “Heaven” by itself wasn’t enough to convince you Depeche Mode’s latest single isn’t all angels and puffy white clouds? Let alone the fact that it’s, you know, a Depeche Mode single? The newly released video is here to help. The band performs the bleak brooder from March 26 LP Delta Machine in what looks to be a vast cathedral, with a rock’n’roll-jacketed Dave Gahan pouring himself into vocal duties. Interspersed is footage of a spooky-looking tree (the garden of Eden, perhaps?) and a mysterious, masked woman surrounded by other, equally mysterious masked men (Adam and Eve, and the Phantom of the Opera?). An extraterrestrial glow eventually seeps in behind the intent performers. Is this heaven? Only the Walkmen know for sure. Okay, them or Elite Gymnastics.