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See Depeche Mode Play Haunting, Soulful ‘Heaven’

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Depeche Mode debuted the Eyes Wide Shut-esque video for “Heaven,” the lead single off their upcoming 13th studio album, Delta Machine (out March 26), last month. Now the English synth trio have unveiled a more restrained second clip for the doom n’ gloomer (via NPR). The above black-and-white short doesn’t have the Biblical imagery or sci-fi light show of the music video proper, but it does feature an impassioned live performance from lead singer Dave Gahan, who previously described the new full-length as having a “soulful vibe.” We’re definitely getting that now. SPIN’s Daphne Carr recently noted that the mournful piano and downcast guitar strokes of “Heaven” are a bit of a false start — “the rest of Delta Machine is harder and weirder,” she wrote — but somehow Depeche Mode always make wrong feel just right.