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Chris Brown Threatened to ‘Bust,’ Which Means Shoot, Frank Ocean

chris brown frank ocean

Just when you think Chris Brown couldn’t be any more of an asshole, new details emerge from his parking lot altercation with Frank Ocean and you think, “Wow, Chris Brown is an even bigger asshole than I thought.”

TMZ, the Woodward and Bernstein of celebrity gossip, got their hands on the police report from the January 27 incident, and the rundown includes a taunt of “faggot” in Ocean’s direction as well as Brown threatening to shoot the channel ORANGE singer. While Ocean has backed off claims that he was going to press charges, we can now see from the police report why the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is independently considering battery charges against Brown.

That’s not to say Ocean isn’t a little at fault here: As previously reported, the whole incident started after Brown parked in Ocean’s designated spot outside an L.A. studio. Brown tried to shake Ocean’s hand in an attempt to cool down the situation, but Ocean rejected it and reiterated that Brown was still in his parking spot. After that, the police report states, instead of trying to shake hands, Brown simply punched Ocean in the face. Brown’s crew then jumped in to “beat” and “kick [Ocean] while on the ground.” Someone in Brown’s crew allegedly called Ocean a “faggot,” though it’s unclear who exactly made the remark. Brown then threatened Ocean by saying, “We can bust you, too,” which the police report helpfully translates, “bust is a slang term used on the street to mean shoot.” The whole incident lasted roughly two minutes. But Brown might have more trouble than just another mark on his reputation.

The Associated Press reports that there are “significant discrepancies” in Brown’s community service record stemming from his plea bargain in the Rihanna assault case. Brown was initially sentenced to do six months of community service in his native Virginia following the Rihanna incident, but the court just got around to reviewing his labor records and discovered “at best sloppy documentation and at worst fraudulent reporting.” In other words, Los Angeles prosecutors filed a motion today saying they want Brown do redo his community service. A judge is reviewing the matter.

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