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Cannibal Ox Entice Fans to Fund New Album, Label With ‘Gotham (Ox City)’ Single

Kickstarter launched for Iron Galaxy Clik Records

Revered indie rap duo Cannibal Ox resurfaced late last year after members Vast Aire and Vordul Mega essentially spent a decade doing their own thing. Their 2001 El-P-produced debut The Cold Vein is pure canon for fans of left-field rap, and the group’s egress from the game has left many wanting. But in November they not only announced their intention to tour, but confirmed they’re working on a new album. Now they’ve got a Kickstarter — the deal is sealed.

Can Ox are looking to raise $30,000 over the next 27 days in order to launch their own label, Iron Galaxy Clik Records, plus fund the making of their forthcoming sophomore album — officially due in 2014 — and all of the other bells and whistles that come with (touring, marketing, promotion, features fees, etc.). They are also promising a spring single called “GOTHAM {OX CITY}.” The pitch video shows the pair hard at work, trading lines that are sadly muted.

“Instead of complaining about the quality of hip hop, make a change and support a real movement,” Vast presumably writes on the Kickstarter page. They do know their audience. “This label and album is 10 years in the making and needs the fans support to bring it to life.” So far they’ve nabbed over $2,350, despite offering a fairly bare bones set of donation bonuses (button pack, CD, T-shirt, hoodie, show ticket, official “thank you”). It’s a testament to the cause.