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Unlikely Power Couple Frank Ocean and Taylor Swift Party Together After BRIT Awards

Thinkin' bout you two, now.

Frank Ocean is pop’s golden boy. Taylor Swift is one of its most divisive artists. The crossover in their fan bases is minimal and Ocean — hunched over his piano in his apartment in the L.A. clouds — only finds himself in the tabloids when squabbling over a parking space with Chris Brown. But industry parties are a funny thing, so there was Ocean on Tuesday night after the BRIT Awards, feeling a bit 22, mingling with the world’s foremost boy-slayer.

These types of run-ins are a standard thing (celebrities are people, too!) but it’s still fun to chew on the idea of a friendship — however platonic — between Ocean and Swift, two stars that exist at opposite ends in the sphere of pop (perhaps they were discussing their relative placement on our 50 Best Albums of 2012 list). One represents what many people want pop to be, while the other represents purely what pop is — they apparently get along swimmingly, so why can’t we?

Of course, Frank wasn’t the only one to get swept up in Taylor’s aura. She also danced with Marcus Mumford and his wife Carey Mulligan and took a sheepish turn on the decks. Oh No They Didn’t has those photos.