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Hear Bored Spies’ Abstract-Rock Single ‘Gerbils E’

Bored Spies

Bored Spies are currently based in Singapore, South Korea, and Arizona, but they have a minimalist rock style that spans from Talk Talk’s London to Mazzy Star’s Southern California. Led by Singaporean singer-guitarist Cherie Ko, the recently formed band also features former members of underground mainstays Seam and Bitch Magnet. “Gerbils E” is one side of Bored Spies’ new debut single, with “Summer 720” on the flip. Recorded in two weekends with Brad Wood, this dynamics-shifting slowcore burner has more in common with the producer’s work with atmospheric bands like Tortoise and the Fire Theft than his more famous records by Liz Phair and Smashing Pumpkins. Bored Spies are already set to play Primavera and have U.K. and U.S. tour dates in the works.