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Led Zeppelin App Crafts Hit-or-Miss Mashups With Radiohead, Adele, and More

led zeppelin, john bonham

If you’ve ever wondered what Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” or fun.’s “Some Nights” would sound like if late Led Zeppelin drum warrior John Bonham was behind the percussion kit, wonder no more! Thanks to the new “Bonhamizer” app, designed by programmer Paul Lamere, fans can pile Bonham’s booming drum fills onto “just about any song,” according to the “How the Bonhamizer Works” webpage. Be warned, though, the app’s creator writes “for many tracks it works really well… and others not so much.” 

Currently, there are four Bonham drum patterns available: “Hammer of the Gods,” “Basic Bonham,” “Double Time Shuffle,” and “Bonham Shuffle,” all of which adjust the songs’ pacing accordingly and ratchet up the volume (to say the least). As of now, the track gallery features a number of songs, including Radiohead’s “Karma Police,” the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army,” the Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights,” and Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Fans can upload additional songs for “Bonhamization” here (via Consequence of Sound).

Just make sure to stay on the “Bonhamizer” page while listening, otherwise the mashups will skip. Bonham’s drum work is a whole lotta love for a mere web browser.