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Hear AlunaGeorge’s Sly, Upbeat Dis ‘Attracting Flies’

AlunaGeorge 'Attracting Flies' Body Music

Aluna Francis and George Reid landed on our Best New Artists list last May for their “submerged, often twisted pop music that’s grimy, not glossy” and which looks fondly back (like so many do these days) on the R&B of the ’90s. Their You Know You Like It EP was aptly titled indeed. We’ve since heard the AlunaGeorge sound bent in the direction of Deebs’ trappy trip-hop, rearranged to the rhythms of Frank Ocean’s “Thinking Bout You,” and folded into a sizzling nü-house jam courtesy of Disclosure. All of this, of course, is building up to the duo’s debut album, Body Music, due July 1 on Island Records.

They’ve now shared a new song from that faraway set called “Attracting Flies.” The upbeat track gets a little extra lift from a bright flute-like synth whistle, not to mention Francis’ vocals — sprightly even though they’re slinging shade at their subject: “Nothing but fairytales and little white lies / Everything you exhale is attracting flies.” Enjoy below.