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Stream Akron/Family’s Grief-Stricken ‘Until the Morning’


“A lot of this contemporary pop stuff, this 1930s, panning for gold, bow tie stuff like the Lumineers, it’s very heart on the sleeve,” says Akron/Family multi-instrumentalist Miles Seaton says. “But they’re telling someone else’s story. I feel like we’re telling our own story now and it’s less fairy tale. Seth [Olinsky, fellow multi-instrumentalist] and I pushed our perspectives to the front and you end up getting something way more real from us.”

The psych-folk outfit’s third LP for Dead Oceans, Sub Verses, out April 30, is an intense affair both sonically and lyrically. Olinsky and Seaton each had very specific visions and inspirations at the onset, but let go during the recording process in an effort to avoid micromanaging creatively. “If we went in a direction emotionally or musically or thematically,” Seaton says, “it wasn’t about balancing, or automatically adding the opposite color or dissolving tensions. We let things sit.” Both agree it’s a natural progression for the band as they grow older and more mature in different ways. “Our first record came from a place of naiveté but now it’s ten years later,” Seaton adds. “We now identify with different aspects of our lives. And This is a function of our growth as individuals, as people, and as artists.”

Above, hear the shimmering harmonies of “Until The Morning.”