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She & He: Aimee Mann and Ted Leo Form #BOTH

Aimee Mann, Ted Leo, #BOTH

Aimee Mann and Ted Leo have combined their eloquent, slightly off-kilter songwriting powers to form a duo called #BOTH. Mann, who scored an Oscar nod for 1997 Magnolia soundtrack strummer-bummer “Save Me,” and Leo, the righteous hardcore-punk alumnus most recently of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, might not look at first blush like a perfect fit. And really, we have hashtag band names now? But that’s exactly what makes their collaboration so intriguing.

According to Mann’s website, #BOTH will be playing shows at Los Angeles’ Largo on March 8 and 9 and at San Francisco’s Bottom of the Hill on March 26 and 27. To judge by Mann’s tweets, she’ll be playing bass. And with that, let’s go to the comment section for any further jokes about the somewhat more traditionally named male-female duo comprising Zooey Deschanel, who has also not won an Oscar, and M. Ward.