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Video Premiere: Sean Falyon & Ina Williams’ ‘Follow the Beat’

Sean Falyon/ Photo by Paul Abraham

This one’s special. Atlanta by-way-of-Philadelphia rapper Sean Falyon’s “Follow the Beat,” featuring Ina Williams off his album SFBE III: Do Me No Favors, is rap & bullshit, good and proper. A lived-in love song in which Falyon finds the rough edges of producer Na Can’t Stop’s chipmunk soul so stretched-out he’s wandering into Quiet Storm territory, and delivers heartfelt but still hard-assed romantic lines like, “Girl I had my share of bullshit, I’m so through with playing games/ Wanna take you on a plane outta, here hear me loud and clear?” Scratches by DJ Rick Geez cleverly cut lyrics from Big K.R.I.T.’s “My Sub” (“Now, usually I don’t disturb the peace, but I’m a wake you if you sleep”), flipping Krizzle’s noise-ordinance-violation boast into an expression of late-night love. And there’s a delicate sense of give-and-take here — it remains both a rappin’-rap-ass song from Sean Falyon and a delicate romantic expression. It’s about compromise, which is what all love songs should be about. Watch the video for Sean Falyon’s “Follow the Beat,” featuring Ina Williams, below, exclusively at SPIN: