Hear the TNGHT Song Kanye West Played at a Victoria’s Secret Show

TNGHT R U Ready Kanye West Victoria's Secret

Cross-continental “trap-rave” duo TNGHT have gotten a whole lotta mileage out of their single self-titled EP, and rightly so. That five-song set of wonked synths, 808 kicks, space age effects, and crunk cuts is a beast front to back — dastardly enough to inspire a hostile takeover by cartoon rap villain Captain Murphy, and compelling enough to squeeze a Breaking Out profile out of SPIN. But our neighbors are getting tired of hearing the same samples of barking dogs and shattering glass over and over again, so we’re happy to have a new stomper with which to test the tolerance of our subwoofers.

Fittingly enough, it’s Neighbors Hate Us who point out that the just-leaked “R U Ready” was first heard in the hands of Kanye West at a Victoria’s Secret show last year — yet more proof that the trap-rave trend is here to stay, as our own Brandon Soderberg explains. As one should expect, the new TNGHT track is a heavy, honking beat-blaster fit to shake mortar from bricks. Bump with caution:


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