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Thom Yorke’s Atoms for Peace Share, Then Remove, New Songs

Thom Yorke's Atoms for Peace New Songs Twitter

Nigel Godrich is messing with us. The Radiohead producer and Atoms for Peace member teased fans via Twitter today, first writing “We’ve decided not to put any tunes on soundcloud,” while sharing a SoundCloud link that indeed went to a previously unreleased Atoms for Peace song called, “Time Was Dropped.” But then that song was dropped from the public account, and a new one appeared dubbed “Who let em in?,” along with the following Tweet:

According to those who heard it — namely Four Tet and Chart Attack — the song sounded perfectly fine, but it’s gone now, so there. What remains (for now at least) is a spare but strange song As we were writing this, he pulled “Who let em in?” as well. But the track was a spare but strange song stretching over seven minutes and including an eerie combination of Afrobeat rhythms and disembodied choral vocals. It was pretty cool but you can’t hear that either.

So, we guess, stay tuned to Godrich’s Twitter feed and the Atoms for Peace SoundCloud page in case this keeps up, or the songs return. Neither, it should be noted, were named in the track listing for the band’s February 26 full-length, Amok.