Hear the Middle Class’s Long Lost ‘Body and Soul,’ Help Punks Fight Cancer

The Middle Class Homeland unreleased Body and Soul Mike Atta benefit

Southern California’s Burger Records is a beloved bastion of DIY known to carry a torch for the salad days of punk in Los Angeles and Orange County. Though they released only one album, 1982’s brooding masterpiece Homeland, the Middle Class were a highly influential group within that scene — legend has it our pal Keith Morris started Black Flag after seeing them play. But guitarist Mike Atta, who now owns the Burger-adjacent Out of Vogue vintage shop in Fullerton, has been diagnosed with cancer and his neighbors are helping him out.

Below you’ll find the unreleased Homeland-era gem, “Body and Soul,” a gnarled slab of righteous post-punk that’s part of a benefit tape Burger will put on sale tomorrow. The compilation includes an incredible lineup of serious rippers: Circle Jerks, Germs, Mike Watt and the Missingmen, Mudhoney, NOFX, OFF!, Redd Kross, the Adolescents, the Fix, the Mormons, the Muffs, White Flag, and many, many more. The tape will also be available tonight at the L.A. benefit concert featuring Watt, the Adolescents, Agent Orange, 45 Grave, Urinals, and others.


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