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Kim Deal Kicks Off Solo Single Series as the Breeders Welcome the ‘New Year’

The Breeders "New Year" video

Welcome to 2013. It’s now officially the year the Breeders lineup behind 1993’s Last SplashSPIN’s No. 79 album of the past 25 years, will reunite for a 20th anniversary tour. Ratcheting up anticipation, the alternative-rock survivors have posted timely footage of themselves rehearsing Last Splash tension-and-release thrummer “New Year.”

Shot on an iPhone in Kim Deal’s basement, the video leaves a lot to the imagination, but the slide-guitar squall and brashly murmured vocals should easily whet appetites for LSXX, this spring’s upcoming Last Splash deluxe edition. And don’t forget the band will be making an appearance at the Deerhunter-curated All Tomorrow’s Parties festival June 21-23. (Additional tour dates have yet to be announced.)

Deal, also of course known as a singer and bassist for the Pixies, hasn’t limited herself to decades-old material lately, either. She’s introduced a new series of solo seven-inch singles. The songs “Walking With a Killer” and “Dirty Hessians” will make up the first seven-inch, limited to 1,000 copies and available at

Speaking of the Pixies, they teased audiences with the following Facebook message on New Year’s Eve: “Happy New Year….see you in 2013 !” Maybe next year we’ll be as cool as Kim Deal.