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Hear Joanna Newsom Join Thao & the Get Down Stay Down For ‘Kindness Be Conceived’

Thao Get Down Stay Down Joanna Newsom Kindness Be Conceived

In comes another treat from the highly promising February 5 Thao & the Get Down Stay Down album, We the Common. In October we got our first taste via the spirited “Holy Roller.” At the start of January, SPIN premiered the singularly anthemic “We the Common [For Valerie Bolden].” And now we can share what was, for us at least, the LP’s most anticipated track: “Kindness Be Conceived” featuring Joanna Newsom. The results do not disappoint. Rather than trade verses, the pair duet across the entire song, a toe-tapping barnyard strummer that smartly stays out of the way of its heroines. Nguyen and Newsom sound great together, with Thao’s slight husk baffling Joanna’s high creak. The vocals are playful but never cartoonish, carefully executed but never too slight. In light of this successful marriage of styles, might we be so bold as to suggest an entire collaborative album under the Ngusom name? Let us know, ladies.