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Nokia Music’s ‘New American Noise’ Dives Deep Into Sissy Bounce Scene

Sundance Channel New American Noise Documentary Clip Nicky da b new orleans bounce

On January 18, the Sundance Channel is set to premiere New American Noise, a six-part documentary series by Nokia Music and Somesuch & Co. where each episode focuses on a different music scene within a different city. Rather than leave the lineup to a single curator or a room full of execs, the network sought out directors who already moved through rare circles in music, and asked them to tell the stories of these unique locales. The aim? To tell “the story of music’s evolution in America while also capturing the perspectives of music fans from all walks of life.”

Abteen Bagheri, who has done music videos for A$AP Rocky, Delta Spirit and Blood Orange, has taken on indie Portland and New Orleans bounce. Emily Kai Bok, the brilliant eye behind Grimes’ “Oblivion” clip, is covering the alt-rap scene in New York. Bob Harlow, who’s directed for Best Coast and the Vaccines, is portraying the nearly post-apocalyptic Detroit warehouse scene. And Tyrone Lebon, who’s done shorts for Nike and numerous others, is delving into music promoted via Atlanta strip clubs, and artists trying to make it in Los Angeles.

Above, we have an exclusive excerpt from Bagheri’s New Orleans episode. Among the highlights: copious shots of booties popping, twerking, jerking and bumping — both men and women, both upside down and right side up — plus an interview with Cash Money O.G. Mannie Fresh discussing the rhythms that make his city’s music so addictive, and a full minute of sissy bounce star Nicky Da B (he of Diplo’s “Express Yourself”) rap-chanting a cappella from a barber’s seat. It’s compelling stuff that bodes well for the rest of New American Noise (see the full trailer at the show’s website!).