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Stream the SPIN Essential Compilation ‘Moombahton Forever’

Munchi / Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Moombahton, the pitched-down SoundCloud sensation we profiled back in 2011 continues its high-energy, mid-tempo rampage with a fantastic new compilation from moomba breeding ground T&A Records. The comp proves the internet sub-genre has long legs, is growing angrier and more festival-ready by the minute, and is ready to pretty much rule our summers for at least another year.

Says Puja Patel in our SPIN Essential review: “There’s plenty of meat for the modern festival-circuit masses. Dillon Francis, the guy partially responsible for the in-your-face Maluca banger “Que Que,” turns toward peaceable, sunshine-kissed glory with “Beautician,” light waves of psyched-out trance synths washing over a shower of laser-show melodies that bounce around a syncopated bass line, the huge, trance-y builds dissolving into a laid-back groove rather than a wall of wailing synths. Whether such a no-rules, shifting-boundaries style can truly live forever is an open question, but regardless, this stuff has already lasted much longer than anyone expected.”

Long live moombahton!