Sky Ferreira’s Synth-Pop ‘Lost in My Bedroom’ Shouldn’t Be Lost in Flashing Video

Sky Ferreira's "Lost in My Bedroom" video

In most ways, the grainy, strobe-like video for Sky Ferreira’s “Lost in My Bedroom” could hardly be a better match for the song. “Bedroom” in the homemade-looking, do-it-yourself sense? Check (although of course if you’re uptight about pop, feel free to get hung up on Ferreira’s major-label status). With flashing effects that prompted an epileptic-seizure warning at the start of the video, and a makeout scene lo-fi enough for a sex tape, the visuals handily address the song’s sexual and drug-related implications of being lost in the bedroom, too.

In another way, though, the video comes on a little too strong with artfully messy post-chillwave languor. Produced, like fellow Ghost EP highlight “Everything Is Embarrassing” (one of SPIN’s 40 Best Songs of 2012), by Usher’s “Climax” co-songwriter Ariel Rechtshaid, the gloomy, glam-infused electro-pop strutter could easily appeal beyond the insert-“hipster”-shorthand-here demographic. “Lost in my bedroom / It’s just what I imagined,” Ferreira’s effects-warped voice repeats in a sharply hooky, sing-song melody.

What speficially she has imagined, is left to our, well, imagination — and appropriately so! — but if the Clash could get lost in the supermarket, if Brian Wilson could tell his secrets in his room, then Ferreira’s song deserves to be found by an audience that might not exactly go into giddy convulsions over inscrutable lo-fi visuals. For now, at least, we’ll just have to imagine.


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