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Scott & Charlene’s Wedding Epitomize Aussie Indie Pop on Wistful ‘Two Weeks’

Scott & Charlene's Wedding

Several years ago, an Australian singer-songwriter named Julian Nation released a fine album of glockenspiel-touched lo-fi pop, We Are All Writers, that sounded like it might make him the next Jens Lekman. Unfortunately, Nation hasn’t been heard from since, but the story of Scott & Charlene’s Wedding suggests he probably should’ve picked up and moved to Brooklyn.

Melbourne-born, New York-based singer and songwriter Craig Dermody leans more toward the slacker-isms of PAWS, Yuck, and other Pavement-descended bands on “Two Weeks,” but the title track of his project’s upcoming EP, due out on March 12, demonstrates he, too, merits a wider northern-hemisphere audience. It’s a scruffy pop ode to a long-distance lover, packed with modern-life detail (“I’m awkward on video chat”), geographical locations (if you like the Williamsburg Bridge reference here, see Down Under songwriter Darren Hanlon’s “Brooklyn Bridge”), and sweet melodies.

Fellow Aussie aces Twerps and Family Portrait helped out on Scott & Charlene’s weddings debut LP last year, and another is planned for 2013. If we’re all writers, then Dermody’s casually perceptive scrawlings are definitely ones to watch.