Rick Ross’ ‘Pirates’ Video: Bricks, Boats, and Booty

rick ross pirates video

Maybach Music Group’s music video budget must rival most Hollywood studios at this point. In MMG ringleader Rick Ross’s latest short film — this time for God Forgives, I Don’t track “Pirates” — what begins as a “Hypnotize”-biting speedboat excursion with the lady turns into a Miami Vice-style drug run between Miami and Cuba. Ross, thus, is a modern day pirate. Unfortunately, the only impressive thing about this color-by-numbers clip is Ross’ ability to drive fast without his hat blowing off. Is that cap CGI or is there some adhesive involved?

“Ricky Rozay” is credited as the director, a first for the rapper, but from the shoddy editing and mismatched continuity, we doubt Ross was standing behind the camera taking light meter readings and coaching the video vixen on her “motivation.” Let’s put it this way: Sundance isn’t in the Teflon Don’s future any time soon.


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