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Pulp’s James Murphy-Produced ‘After You’ Will Get an Official Release


In December, Pulp quietly shared a re-recorded version of a previously unreleased, 2000-era demo. Originally given as a download to attendees at the Britpoppers’ Sheffield, U.K., reunion show earlier in the month, the track soon made its way onto the wider Web, where it was revealed to be a production by none other than former LCD Soundsystem mastermind James Murphy, who’s also reportedly working on the new Arcade Fire album. The resulting “After You,” a lusty, five-plus-minute disco song edged with glam and punk and haunted by creeping death, was sublime.

And now “After You” will be an actual thing that you can buy. According to the Quietus, which cites as its source Pulp themselves, the song will be downloadable from iTunes starting on Monday, January 28. Pulp’s management confirms the track will be available globally. We’d rush out to buy “After You” before you, but one thing about online music stores is they never run out of copies.