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The Postal Service Tease Some Kind of 2013 Reunion

Postal Service

Earlier this month on The Colbert Report, the usually plugged-in host Stephen Colbert, as part of a unusually awkward interview even by Colbert standards, informed guest Ben Gibbard that “probably most people know you from Death Cab for Cutie.” That’s news to SPIN: As our own Dan Weiss wrote in a review of Gibbard’s new solo album Former Lives, “his best-known work is a side project, the Postal Service.” Death Cab, after all, never got swagger-jacked by Owl City.

Today, as Stereogum points out, the Postal Service’s official website now shows only the above graphic: the band’s name and the current year, in the style of 2003’s cuddly electro-pop cult favorite Give Up. Gibbard and Postal Service collaborator Jimmy Tamborello, who also records as Dntel, have long downplayed hopes for a reunion album, but let the Coachella speculation begin.

Give Up, which juuuuust went platinum in October, turns ten on February 19.