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Hear Mount Moriah’s Luminous Southern-Rock Shuffler ‘Bright Light’

Mount Moriah

Though it’s been relatively unnoticed amid the flood of micro-genres washing over Tumblr dashboards these past few years, there has been a resurgence of strong, female-led acts who kick up dive-bar grime when country cavorts with punk. Along with Caitlin Rose and Lydia Loveless, there’s also Mount Moriah, whose sophomore album, Miracle Temple, comes out February 26 on Merge. Frontwoman Heather McEntire, who used to shout more than sing when she fronted post-punk outfit Bellafea, further embraces Dolly Parton-shaded twang on the new record’s “Bright Light,” a bluesy, Southern-rock shuffler recorded in Nashville. “Make it right,” the deep-lunged McEntire declares here, as guitarist Jenks Miller, also of metal band Horseback, colorfully yet unobtrusively helps do just that.