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Terrorized ‘Thriller’ Actress Scares Up $55,000 Payday From Michael Jackson’s Estate

Michael Jackson, "Thriller"

“There ain’t no second chance against the thing with 40 eyes, girl,” Michael Jackson warns on “Thriller.” No word on how many eyes belong to the late King of Pop’s estate, but Ola Ray, the model and actress who starred alongside Jackson in that song’s classic 1983 video, has successfully gone back for a second payout.

According to TMZ, Ray settled her breach of contract claims with the estate last year for $55,000, plus $20,000 in legal fees. She had alleged she was still entitled to a huge share of profits from the video, which originally aired on December 2, 1983 (websites, start your anniversary commemorative slideshows!).

TMZ reports that John Landis, who directed the video, has settled similar litigation against the Jackson estate. Landis was looking for more than $2 million, though, so he probably received a larger, still-undisclosed amount. The funk of 30 years: No mere mortal can resist trying to scrape up extra cash from it.