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‘Leaked’ Nirvana Memo Distills Band to Consumer-Friendly Bullet Points

Nirvana 'In Utero'

The 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind was, undeniably, a huge event for the music industry and music publications alike. In August 2011, SPIN even did a cover story on “What Nevermind Means Now.” If only we’d had a crib sheet as helpful and hilariously on point as the satirical “secret memo” posted by Australia’s Collapse Board, though, it might’ve saved everybody a whole lot of effort. With the two-decade mark for follow-up In Utero approaching this September 13, the document — purportedly being sent to “all major music publications and websites” — aims to simplify the job of rehashing familiar tales that reinforce Nirvana’s legendary status. For example: “Kurt Cobain: Reluctant star. Pressure. Compromise. Depression. Heroin. Death. It’s that simple.” It’s worth clicking through to read the whole thing. Especially for those of us in the journalism biz looking for pointers. Not afraid to be servicey! 

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