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Hear Le1f Count His ‘Coins’ in Streaming New Space-Stunter

Le1f Coins Fly Zone Mixtape Stream Greedhead

“I feel more like an alien than a gay rapper,” New York’s Le1f told SPIN for his Breaking Out profile last month. The vogue-rap star has got a brand new mixtape due on January 28, Fly Zone via Greedhead, and the first taste of it is decidedly out of this world.

“Coins” finds our hero warping his words until they’re barely recognizable in a strangely weightless atmosphere provided by producers Drippin & Souldrop. While trappy drums click, pop, and boom, Le1f takes a little time to empty out his piggy bank for all those listening: “Never looking thirsty, I’m always feeling hungry / Laughing out the bank, yo I’m getting money.” His organic vocal modulation aside (no effects here), Le1f sounds clearer than ever before, at times recalling vintage Weezy or channeling Danny Brown. Considering that last year’s Dark York was one of our picks for the 40 Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2012, the stakes are high, but we have a feeling the guy isn’t sweating it. And if he is, he can always cool off with a swig of “Soda.”