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Watch Lance Armstrong Channel Thom Yorke in Satisfying ‘Creep’ Mashup

lance armstrong creep radiohead thom yorke oprah interview

In a sentiment that Sheryl Crow would likely echo, doping disgrace Lance Armstrong at last gets his comeuppance in a mashup of his Oprah interview and Radiohead’s “Creep.” The DQ’ed Tour de France winner came off more dickish than apologetic in his confessional one-on-one, and the remix puts in his mouth the words we all wanted to hear: “I’m a creep” and “I want a perfect body” and “I don’t belong here.” The clip’s choppy, Auto-Tuned cadence makes it all the more perfect; Lance sounds like the speaking text software Radiohead used on OK Computer‘s “Fitter Happier.” Ah yes, everything in its right place.

“Creep” turned 20 last year (Pablo Honey graduates out of its teens this February), and while Thom and his Oxford boys are loathe to play it live anymore, the ode to self-loathing has been covered well at least 10 times.