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Hear the Return of Finnish Kraut-Pop Geniuses K-X-P on ‘Flags and Crosses’


A year since Finnish krautrock masterminds Siinai landed a SPIN Essential, their scene pals in K-X-P have returned to even the score. Their fantastic new II (due February 11 via Manimal/Melodic/FKLG) is full of monster-truck motorik, gleaming synths, breezy hooks, and enough late-’70s/early ’80s textures to send M83 hurtling back to their DeLoreans. New track “Flags and Crosses” is like the Drive soundtrack crashing into the autobahn, full of warm, wet synths and the type of heavy-sticked groove that makes trio leaders in a sea of retromania pretenders. Grab a handful of lingonberries and hear it right now!