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Kool A.D. Adds Ad-Rock Beat to Upcoming ’19’ and ’63’ Mixtapes

Now that Das Racist is no more, Kool A.D., or Victor Vasquez, has plenty of time on his hands. Enough, in fact, that he already has an entire double album’s worth of outtakes and collaborations ready to go. 19 and 63 arrive February 7, but the big news is that Vasquez’s mixtape will feature one track, “NPR,” produced by none other than the Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock, a.k.a. Adam Horovitz, who gave the beat to Das Racist a few years back but that the group never used. Amaze 88, Mike Finito, Pictureplane, and many more also contribute productions to the set. And while Kanye West is listed as producer on “Exotische Kunst,” Pitchfork reports that only an old Yeezy sample is used.

Like last year’s 51, the song titles are a nonstop parade of pop culture references: “Fresh Prince,” “OK Computer,” “Kriss Kross,” “Saved by the Bell,” “Jaleel White,” “Jenny Holzer,” “Moneyball,” “Rap Genius”… it’s exhausting. Among Kool A.D.’s guests this time are Meyhem Lauren, Spank Rock, Young Dave, Maffew Ragazino… pretty much everyone in the underground hip-hop universe not named Heems and Dapwell. Full track lists below, and watch the video for 19‘s No. 2 track “Eroika” above.

19 track list:

1. “Knowledge Born” (prod. Kool A.D.)
2. “Eroika” (prod. Steel Tipped Dove)
3. “New World” (prod. Plinio Trujillo)
4. “Marine World Africa U.S.A.” (ft. Issue) (prod. Issue)
5. “Vendedores” (ft. Tray 57) (prod. Young L)
6. “Beautiful Naked Psychedelic Gherkin Exploding Tomato Sauce All Over Your Face” (ft. Haji Springer and Bill Ding) (prod. Bill Ding)
7.” Wow (Bay Shit)” (ft. Trackademicks) (prod. Trackademicks)
8. “Hawaii 510” (ft. Cuzzo Fly and Citizen Chance) (prod. Mac Mean)
9. “Fresh Prince” (prod. Skywlkr)
10. “Jaleel White” (prod. Young L)
11. “Jenny Holzer” (ft. Chippy Nonstop) (prod. Ryan Marks)
12. “Kriss Kross” (prod. Steel Tipped Dove)
13. “NPR” (prod. Ad-Rock)
14. “Cheeba Cheeba” (ft. Spank Rock) (prod. Ghostdad)
15. “Attitude” (ft. Cult Days) (prod. Pictureplane)
16. “All Skreets” (ft. Dada Powell) (prod. Keyboard Kid)
17. “Finally Every Dimension of the Skreets” (prod. Kool A.D.)

63 track list:

1. “63” (Amaze 88 Intro)
2. “Moneyball” (prod. Mike Finito)
3. “Froyo” (ft. Detroit Cydi and Selfsays) (prod. Illingsworth)
4. “Sclera” (prod. Amaze 88)
5. “Chuck Very” (ft. Young Dave) (prod. Amaze 88)
6. “Airplane Flight” (ft. Davinci) (prod. Amaze 88)
7. “Finito Posse Jawn” (ft. Chaz Van Queen, DVS, Lakutis, Mike Finito, and Davito) (prod. Mike Finito)
8. “Get a Job” (prod. Alex Kestner)
9. “Mass Appeal” (ft. Young Dave and Amaze 88) (prod. Amaze 88)
10. “Future Primitive Culinary School” (ft. Chippy Nonstop) (prod. SPVCE)
11. “Rap Genius” (ft. Lakutis, Dallas Penn, DVS, and Meyhem Lauren) (prod. Amaze 88)
12. “OK Computer” (ft. Verbs and Maffew Ragazino) (prod. Amaze 88)
13. “Question Jam Answer” (ft. Busdriver and Beans of Antipop Consortium) (prod. Amaze 88)
14. “Ken Burns” (ft. Kassa and Dada Powell) (prod. Illingsworth)
15. “Red Wine” (ft. Open Mike Eagle) (prod. Amaze 88)
16. “Saved by the Bell” (ft. Kassa) (prod. Amaze 88)
17. “Lush” (ft. Ne$$ of Weekend Money) (prod. Amaze 88)
18. “Hydrants” (ft. Meyhem Lauren) (prod. Mike Finito)
19. “Bering Sea Gold” (prod. Amaze 88)
20. “Exotische Kunst” (prod. Kanye West)
21. “Equality Understanding” (prod. Kool A.D.)