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Kickstarter Guy Wants $5M to Get Daniel Stern to Play ‘the Spin Doctors Guy’

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After all of the drama caused by Kickstarter campaigns last year — re: Amanda Palmer, and Animal Collective’s Deakin — it’s nice to see someone using the crowd-sourcing service for what its makers intended: as an avenue for unknown entities to make their dreams hilarious jokes come true. Atlanta resident Daniel Nadolny is attempting to raise $5 million in a month so that he can write and film a Spin Doctors biopic that stars bumbling Home Alone villain Daniel Stern as singer Chris Barron, because they look similar.

“Spin Doctors were a popular pop-funk band from New York City in the ’90s,” says Nadolny, who described himself as “a man of many talents and desires,” in his pitch video (below). “I’m not sure what happened to them really. I would imagine they had a couple of records and some minor festival success. But they were a challenging band. [Pause] No, they weren’t a challenging band. They were an interesting band. And their singer really looks like actor Daniel Stern who plays, um, one of the bad guys in Home Alone.”

With 19 backers on board, Nadolny has thus far raised $257, leaving only $4,999,743 to go in 27 days. As per the rules of Kickstarter, if he doesn’t make the intended amount, all contributions will be refunded. Of course, if he does manage to pocket five mill, he’s legally required to deliver on his promises (via Kickstarter’s not-so-fine print on accountability), so either way, we should all consider pitching in $5. (If this train leaves the station, you do not want to wind up as just another Little Miss Can Be Wrong.)

“I believe the artistic and cultural implications for this project, if completed, would be immeasurable,” Nadolny writes. “The challenges to my project are obvious. Creating a screenplay that captures the bold and innovative history of the band (featuring Daniel Stern as the singer) will be laborious. As a musician and fan of the films Home Alone, City Slickers, and Celtic Pride, I am uniquely qualified to lend credence to the story of The Spin Doctors while maintaining the artistic respect due to an actor of Daniel Stern’s caliber.”

And let’s not forget Chris Barron, who wore so many knitted garments with such panache:

In other Spin Doctors-related news, we thought you should hear this: