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Why Jerry Seinfeld Will Be on Wale’s Next Rap Mixtape

Jerry Seinfeld

Four years before Wale aligned himself with Maybach Music and dropped “Lotus Flower Bomb,” the rapper first burst onto the blogosphere with The Mixtape About Nothing, an album inspired by the classic sitcom Seinfeld. Each track features samples from the show, each song title began with “The” like the sitcom’s episode names, and even Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who played Elaine Benes, made a cameo appearance. Now, Wale is once again plotting a Seinfeld album, but this time, he scored an appearance by the man himself, Jerry Seinfeld.

Nah Right points to this video of Seinfeld explaining the genesis of his collaboration with Wale and producer DJ Omega. Seinfeld honestly admits he knows zero about hip-hop, saying, “Wale wanted me to do something with him and I didn’t understand it, but he did, and I kinda liked the guy, I dug the guy, I liked his music, so I said ‘alright, I’ll do it,’ even though I didn’t know what I was gonna do.” It also helped that Seinfeld’s wife proclaimed Wale as “her favorite hip-hop artist,” even though she’d never heard the original Mixtape About Nothing.

Jerry also fashions himself as somewhat of a rapper since “hip-hop is words, and I do words.” Seinfeld originally sought out Diddy to collaborate on a Seinfeld rap album, but since the Bad Boy mogul wasn’t up to the challenge, the comedian instead went down to Philadelphia to work with Wale in the studio. No word yet on when this mixtape will arrive, but early analysis suggests that it, like the swordfish at Mendy’s, will “be the best.”