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Grizzly Bear Bleed for Our Amusement in High-Concept ‘Gun-Shy’ Video

'Shields' video explores source of "creative energy"

Grizzly Bear continue to breathe new inspiration into last year’s excellent Shields, this time with a video that imagines where inspiration might come from in the first place. Only last week, the Brooklyn band shared a synth-emblazoned remix of the album’s sumptuous, contemplative “Gun-Shy” by Norwegian dance auteur Lindstrøm. Now, as Pitchfork points out, they’ve unveiled a video that’s as ambitious and intricate as the track itself. 

“This is an invitation for a very rare glimpse of what creative energy could look like on a molecular level,” director Kris Moyes (Sia, Beck, Franz Ferdinand) writes in a statement on the band’s Tumblr. As first reported last year in New York magazine, the making of the video involved the band’s members having their blood drawn, among other anatomical extractions. Are we witnessing creativity? Obviously.