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Gary Clark Jr. Delivers Pins-and-Needles Performance of ‘Numb’ on ‘Conan’

Plus, watch Clark play "Ain't Messin' 'Round" in web extra

SPIN Essential bluesman Gary Clark Jr. tore it up on Conan last night (January 8), performing two tracks from his not-to-be-missed 2012 album Blak and Blu. The Tupac-guided Texan led a smoldering, alarm-sounding rendition of “Numb” for the late-night talk show, bathed entirely in blue light but still fiery nontheless. Even more stunning is the web exclusive performance of “Ain’t Messin’ ‘Round,” which kicks off with Clark’s playful humblebrag, “I don’t believe in competition / Ain’t nobody else like me around,” and halfway through careens into a heart-stopping one-two solo from Gary and his backup guitarist. He really ain’t messin’ ’round.