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Fred Armisen Taught Your Mom About Death Grips

Here is footage of Rachael Ray's audience discovering SPIN's Artist of the Year 2012

On last Friday’s episode of Rachael Ray’s syndicated talk show, guest and Portlandia star Fred Armisen was given 60 seconds to discuss anything he wanted. Naturally, what he chose to talk about was SPIN’s Artist of the Year 2012, Death Grips. “I want to talk to you about, to start off with, a musician who I really think is the greatest ever. His name is Zach Hill, and he’s a drummer. He’s from Northern California, and he used to be in a band called Hella, and now he’s in a band called Death Grips,” Armisen told the rapt crowd of soccer moms and novice chefs. “And he has reinvented how someone drums. When you see this guy play, it looks like a flurry of activity, it looks like a blur, it looks like a tantrum. You can’t even see it. And at first, when I saw this drummer, I was like, ‘What is happening?’ And then I realized later, ‘Oh, this guy is a genius.’ So Zach Hill, this drummer, check him out.”

Thankfully Armisen only had one minute to talk about Death Grips; if he had an additional 15 seconds, his diatribe would have no doubt included a warning about the band’s very, very-NSFW cover for NO LOVE DEEP WEB. Maybe this exposure will help the duo secure a new record contract… eh, probably not.

(This timeless moment brought to you by SPIN’s Christopher R. Weingarten, whose spider-sense tingles at the mere mention of Death Grips.)