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Watch Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox Play Dead in ‘Youth Museum’ Documentary

Bradford Cox Deerhunter Documentary Youth Museum

Last summer, Atlas Sound soloist Bradford Cox revealed that he’s been working on songs for the next Deerhunter album. “I don’t know if they’ll be used because they’re so weird,” he told MTV Hive. “I don’t use any effects pedals or reverb or anything like that. I use a lot of roots sounds but they’re kind of like field recordings … I’ve been very interested in American roots like blues hollers, spiritualists.” And sure enough, in the clip above, you can catch Cox singing the old folk song “The Moonshiner” into a recorder … in a field.

In October, music video director Grant Singer (Sky Ferreira, DIIV, Tamaryn) flew from Los Angeles to Atlanta to film and experimental documentary on Cox called Youth Museum. The work was commissioned by arts and culture mag Riot of Perfume and, according to them, “focuses on the physical spaces and everyday life” of the lanky psych-pop progenitor. The very VHS-y trailer shows Cox looking cool in various sunglasses and trenchcoats, playing dead at one point, recording music, and hanging out with friends.

Youth Museum will premiere on February 3 at New York’s MoMA PS1 which, as Fader points out, is in fact the preferred museum of youths in the area. The screening will be followed by a performance from Cox and “very special, yet-to-be disclosed guests.” The movie will also be available to stream via Riot of Perfume after the debut event. Singer has also made a short film called IRL which stars Ferreira, Genesis P-Orridge, West Memphis Three’s Damien Echols, DIIV drummer Colby Hewitt and others. Check out the trailer below.